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The academic building has 35 classrooms. Each room has an adequate storage provisions for the entire class. All the classrooms are equipped with interactive boards’. In addition to regular classroom, the building has classrooms equipped with multimedia projectors, language rooms, science labs, computer labs, music and dance rooms, staff rooms, music rooms and adequate toilet facilities for boys and girls. The building also has an audio-visual room with projection facilities.


The school has separate and well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Students are allowed to take up their practical sessions through their course time. Students are exposed to a wide range of facilities available in the labs and to enrich their learning skills.


We believe in that a voracious reader gains the ultimate knowledge than any other. The school has excellent library facility equipped with a computerized database enabling the students to have access to the necessary books quickly. Students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits and use the library as an important centre for learning.

Computer Centre

The school has an excellent computer lab. Our students have unlimited access to computers and the professional software tools that go with them. Our laboratory is networked to common file servers and connected to the outside world via the internet. Students are taught all fundamental skills according to their levels. Assessment is done periodically.


As sports is considered as a part of holistic development we offer our students with excellent infrastructure to practice Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Throwball, Shuttle Badminton and Table Tennis. Skating, Cross Country, Field Events and Track Events are practiced by students, which help them in keeping physically fit. Chess is also taught and students take part in competitions enabling them to be mentally fit.


Dr. Dasarathan International School is a day boarding school where all the students will be provided with a meal every afternoon. A well-balanced, wholesome and nutritious food is provided to the students. The menu is changed every week to cater to variety. The school caters specially to the needs of children who are under special dietary restrictions. Health drinks and nutritious snack is given twice a day.


The school provides transport facilities for the students’ convenience. School buses ply in and around the city. Well trained and experienced drivers are appointed and an assistant is provided for each vehicle to ensure the safety of the children. All our vehicles are installed with speed governance control.

Audio Visual Lab

The audio visual lab is equipped with all sorts of educational support videos and slides for all subjects taught in the school. This lab has facilitated the interactive teaching techniques, and has given the opportunity to our students to explore the world of interactive learning.


We have a swimming pool with all facilities. Each student is allotted one hour of training per week. Qualified staff imparts training to the students and maintain operational facilities. We do have a separate staff member to teach the girls and boys.


The school has a hospital with Medical Officers and experienced and trained staff. The hospital is equipped with all modern facilities to treat children. Children are examined at the beginning of each term by the doctors. Reports of the examination are sent to the parents who require treatment.