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Academic Program


Preschool education is that it helps in a child’s emotional, social and personal growth and development. Exposure to rich language through role plays, rhymes and stories help to enhance the child’s vocabulary, thereby promoting language skills.

Activities involving beading, art and craft help develop hand -eye coordination, and fine and gross motor skills and also children develop physical coordination skills. The curriculum designed to ensure that children excel academically like pre-writing, literacy & vocabulary building, phonic skill and numeracy.

Montessori makes creative choices in their learning, which provides a safe, engaging and naturing environmentfor the child, promote trust in themselves and their world, develop confidence in their emerging abilities, develop gross motor coordination, fine motor skills, and language skills, offer opportunities to gain independence in daily tasks.


Our medium of instruction is English and exclusive importance is given to it. The Jolly Phonics method of teaching works well with children, through a variety of language activities and materials, children become familiar with the soundsand letters which naturally leads to blend, read and write independently. We accelerate English literacy development with necessary activities and games. We are developing an attractive, legible cursive handwriting style certainly has great aesthetic value, but italso has numerous mental, physical, social and practical benefits.

Numeracy skill lead children to answer“How many?” questions about groups of objects, Solve basic addition and subtraction problems, Understand size , shape (2D & 3D) and patterns, Ability to count verbally ( first forward thenbackward), Recognizing numerals and various number concepts,Start to classify, sort and group objects into categories.

Life skills and values are the essential components to nurture our young minds with organizationalskills, personal grooming skills. Early child education in ourschool provides self-learning environmental with organizational skills, self-help skills and personal groomingskills to nature their lives with values.

Colouring with crayons or making miniature statues from clay, folding paper to create fine origami and there are several arts and crafts activities, which can enhancethe interest of the children and their innovative skills.

In our Montessori classrooms children make creative choices in their learning, which provides a safe, engaging and naturing environmentfor the child, promote trust in themselves and their world, develop confidence in their emerging abilities, develop gross motor coordination, fine motor skills, and language skills, offer opportunities to gain independence in daily tasks.

Yoga class improves children’s emotional regulation. The breathing exercises and relaxation techniques learned from practicing yoga, which helps children to gain a peaceful state of mind. Perfecting a pose or improving their balance and flexibility provide sense of personal empowerment.

We create a solid platform for the child’s physical development and level of fitness through Dance.

Our wellness Wednesdays teach benefits of healthy eating and allows them to explore different food and helps them to be more adventurous and eager to try a new dish when it comes to food.

We boost children brain function and make smarter, sharper, improve their eyesight and creativity and increase their confidence through some simple brain gym exercises.

Competitions will be conducted on each month’s theme. Our competitions play a role in motivating students to perform and excel and offer a lot more reward that just the winning prize.

Our celebrations are the perfect opportunity for the kids to participate. Our childrenfeel special on their special day. Our celebrations bring fun, excitement and joy!

The school year, which begins in June and ends in April comprises of three terms. At Dr. Dasarathan International School, one of the top rated ICSE affiliated schools, equal emphasis is given to individual, small group and whole group activities, to improve children’s ability to work with their peers and to learn how to solve complex problems. A wholesome education in a fast-evolving world.

Our goal is to nurture our children to be the best FOR the world.Young minds capable of tackling the problems of tomorrow with creativity, confidence and grace. The syllabus focuses more on practical knowledge. There is a clear emphasis on English in our curriculum.

The curriculum encourages students to engage in INSPIRE, EXCEL and EXPLORE. It challenges them to inspire, excel, explore and integrate knowledge gained in other subject areas to real-life situations.

The Primary School curriculum offers an exciting and creative learning environment, with an inter-disciplinary appreciation of Languages, Mathematics, Environmental science, Science, Social Studies, Computer Science and Art. Tamil/Hindi is taught as a second language while Hindi/Tamil is offered as the third Language, which helps to communicate effectively.

The teachers are well trained and are instrumental in helping the students acquire knowledge and make learning vivid and real. They make every class interesting with educational activities, group discussion, role-paly and the interactive board.

Dr. DIS is emphatic about providing child-centric education, and keeping this in mind, we offer learning that is both interactive and experiential. We realise that a single method cannot suit everyone. Our teachers select the best combination of various approaches (Pedagogy) according to the learning styles and needs of their students.

Values play a very important role at Dr. DIS. Day starts with assembly. Morning assembly showcases the values like humility, hard work, etc...

Class teachers talk to the students about the values during their ‘class teacher’ period. Teachers encourage students to take up challenges, leadership roles are given to them in the class and these roles are changed on a monthly basis.

The department notice board displays students’ skills.

Every class in the primary department attends at least one computer lab and MIND-BOX Session per week. These lab sessions bring out the creativity in every student.

Considering how important study ambiance is for children, the classrooms at Dr. Dis have been designed to incorporate the best aspects of the natural environment. The rooms are large, well-lit, well-ventilated, and contain the best that technology has to offer. With only 20 children per classroom, the furniture has been designed with a strong emphasis on aesthetics, utility and classroom management.

Classrooms are CCTv monitored and an interactive smart board with internet access for Audio visual learning.

The school trips are planned in such a way that every grade visit places in support of the curriculum.

At Dr. DIS, there are a number of committees and clubs to help the students explore their interests and develop their latent talents and leadership promise under expert guidance. These activities encourage and equip students to participate in intra-school competitions, cultural celebrations and sports events, which help shape their confidence.

As a part of co-curricular activities, students are given an opportunity to develop different skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities. Weekly Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) period enables students to exhibit their talents and also develop their skills in music, sport, karate, skating, swimming, yoga, gymnastics, art, dance, singing, cooking, archery, MUN and chess.

The goals of the Middle school program at Dr. DIS is the intellectual development and academic achievement of all students along with the personal and social development of each student.It includes the major subjects with English and Tamil/Hindi as second language. In addition third language is also included Introduction of foreign languages like German and French are in the pipeline.The school is known for its excellence in teaching and the teachers are well trained. The lessons are taught with various activities that will impart different perceptions in kids on the topics learnt. The academics here are related to different activities in school such as field trips and competitions. The school ensures that the students step out of the classrooms to experience what is learnt inside the four walls.

The students step into their next level or grade having passed through bridge courses which will help them to grasp the new concepts quickly.

Field Trips

Every year, two to three field trips are arranged which includes two lesson based field trips and one fun trip. Children are taken to long trips with accurate teacher student ratio and trip advisors. The teachers do take utmost care in bringing back the children safely and filled with good memories for life.

Special Programs

Vocabulary Classes

Separate classrooms are scheduled to enrich children with language skills that will complement their performance in the regular stream. Children are provided with various tasks to improve themselves in spellings and pronunciation.


Handmade contents for all the subjects, prepared by subject experts, are provided to children of all categories to help them simplify the lessons and help them to become self - learners. In addition to it, worksheets related to the topic are given for practice.

Highlights of Assembly

Two days in a week, we have an assembly in the mornings that promotes participation of each child in every class. Prayer, Thought for the day, current affairs, NEWS, Birthdays and anniversaries of various leaders observed and National Anthem are the usual events included in Agenda.

Special events are planned as well based on special occasions.


Yoga classes are conducted three days in a week in which students participate very actively. Eye exercises and surya namaskar are performed on these days and have been demonstrated or displayed through different sources and children do it following the instructions given.


DIS to continue to give productive activities to children. Festivals are always something that we wait for, no matter what. To keep up the enthusiasm and excitement in children and boost their spirit up, we have never missed any opportunity to celebrate. The celebrations are conducted by the children and for the children. The children are given space to perform their interests and talents and make the shows stunning as usual.


Dr. DIS is always known for checking all possible ways to keep children productive and engaged. Competitions are one such effort to make the children utilise their leisure time in improving their skill set. Various competitions are conducted every month and the results are announced in the immediate week's assembly with certificates shared to the winner.

Club Activities

Clubs of Art, Craft, Calligraphy, Art from Waste, Cookery and Quiz are conducted regularly and the highlight of the club activities here is all the children get to experience all the clubs in a regular cycle. So not only they learn what they are interested in but also they explore what is hidden in them.


Quizzes on current affairs are created with google forms.It helps students develop an awareness of local and global events. It aids in critical thinking where they exercise their competencies to become reflective learners.


Assessment is a part of the process of developing learning strategies for students. Monthly tests are conducted every month which assess the students for what they have learnt for that particular month. They include Objective type and application based questions. At the end of each term a Trimester examination is conducted and it helps the students to track their own progress and gives them parameters to determine their own level of achievement.

Co curriculars

At the middle school level, Art, Craft, Swimming, Skating, Dance, Music , Instrument, Archery classes are offered allowing students to explore strength and talents outside of academics.

Dr Dasarathan International School adheres strictly to the prescribed syllabus for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination which is conducted by the Council for ISC Examinations, New Delhi. It is an integrated syllabus for Classes IX and X and our students appear for the Board Examination after completing their Class X.

The following subjects are offered for external examination:

Group I:


  • English (Language I and Literature II)
  • A Second Language (Hindi/Tamil)
  • History, Civics and Geography

Group II:


  • Mathematics
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

Group III:


  • Physical Education/Computer Applications

Students will have to undertake Socially Useful productive Work (SUPW) which is an essential component of the ICSE programme.

Dr Dasarathan International School prepares the students who will appear for the Indian School Certificate Examination in Class XII, at the end of two years of Senior Secondary Course. Qualified students will become eligible to enter collegiate education according to their choice of subjects taken.

We are proud to announce that our school has highly qualified teachers who are conducting NEET and JEE classes along with ISC classes for students of Classes XI and XII who have decided to choose either Medicine or Engineering Course, after graduating from ISC and successfully attempting to pass NEET/JEE with high credits.

We will train the students of Arts Group in CLAT/CPET/CA National Level Entrance Examinations since the school gives equal importance to all professional courses.

The following subjects are offered currently:

  • English I and II (Language and Literature)
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and computer Science
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science
  • Economics, Commerce, Accountancy and Mathematics
  • Economics, Commerce, Accountancy and Computer Science

Our coaching is intensive and result-oriented as far as Classes X and XII are concerned.

With commitment and dedication our school marches on, without compromising on quality.

We shall inspire our students to explore and excel.

The academic cycle from KG to Class XII is a bold and dynamic venture which we have been carrying out successfully. The future beckons us with great confidence and optimism and sharpens our desire to strive and seek for the best and never to succumb to mediocrity.

We are committed to serve our nation’s children through high quality educational input, thus empowering them to contribute towards a just and pluralistic society, promoting introspective living by creating exciting learning opportunities with a commitment to excellence.