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Mrs Nalini Dasarathan
Mr Venkatesh Babu
Prof. Murali

The school is sponsored and managed by Sri Govindasamy Naidu Educational Trust. The Founder and Chairman is Mrs Nalini Dasarathan. She heads a panel of eminent Trustees of the Managing Committee which consists of Mr Venkatesh Babu, Mrs Deepa Venkatesh Babu, Prof. Murali, Mrs Vadivu Murali, Dr Senthil Raj, Dr Niranjini Senthil Raj, Dr Suresh, and Dr Preethi Suresh.

The late Dr Dasarathan was a reputable doctor who served all of his life for the downtrodden and the poor. His dreams to establish a school and a memorial hospital were realized by Mrs Nalini Dasarathan and her elite family. His aspirations to look after the needy are still continuing, under the able guidance of the Managing Committee, since the late doctor’s priorities were health and education which are pre-eminently essential and which significantly contribute to the physical and intellectual well-being of the community.