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Academic Program

In Dr. Dasarathan International School, our preschool educational approach is based on playing, singing, practical activities such as drawing and social interaction as the part of the transition from home to school. Our nursery school is a playschool where we combine Montessori, play way method as well as formal teaching methodologies. Our early childhood education helps the children acquire social skills and learning-related skills.

Preschool prepares children for our kindergarten which is now becoming more academic. We have organized suitable space, time and activities in order to synchronize with children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical abilities

Our kindergarten is the beginning of formal education. We have regular schedules of learning. Kindergarten children learn in a more efficient way. The classes are held on a daily basis. The educational setting here is in a polite manner and playful way. Kids are taught basics of English, Math and Environmental studies. We have also introduced Karadi Path which consists of three teaching modules – Action Path, Music Path and Story Path which stimulate the ‘deep motor area’ of brain. We have implemented Phonics programme for kids to learn the combination of sounds. Our school has a play zone for kids to develop their psycho-motor skills.

The Curriculum developed by the Council for Preschool-Class VIII has been designed so as to enable the children to be well-prepared and future ready and to lead them in a progressive and phased manner to derive full advantage of the ICSE and ISC syllabi. It is organized in a systematic and scientific manner.

We are fully aware that a strong foundation in the lower classes plays a vital role in forging life-long experiences. We have taken into consideration all aspects of child behavior and also keeping in view the prevalent trends and requirements in the field of education.

We adopt an integrated approach to teaching-learning so that the children can comprehend learning experiences as a unified whole, and to see the linkages across the various subject areas. We believe that this approach is better than learning through disconnected and compartmentalized manner. Our pre-primary section and primary section aim to help children make sense of life experiences by helping them to connect and correlate knowledge and experiences across various topics.

We value ALL children. We respect individual differences. We provide equal opportunities. And we meet learning needs of ALL children. The curriculum provides scope for contextualization. It follows a Social Constructivist approach and encourages development of social skills.


At the primary stage (Classes I-V) we deal with subjects such as English, Second language (Hindi/Tamil), Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Science, Social studies, Computer Studies and Arts Education. The Environmental Studies (EVS) curriculum (Classes I-II) is presented as an integrated curricular area following the thematic approach. In Classes III-V, Science and Social Studies have been identified as core areas. Similar academic strategies have been followed for a multi-disciplinary approach in other subjects.

The curriculum for the upper primary level covers English, Second Language (Hindi/Tamil), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (under Science), History, Civics and geography (under Social Studies), Computer Studies and Arts education. English is the medium of instruction at all levels. Here the focus of English Language is on oral and written expression.

In addition to the above, the following are also taken up by our students at the Primary and Upper Primary levels: Third Language, Physical Education, Yoga, and Education in Moral and Spiritual Values and Socially Useful productive Work (SUPW) and Community Service.

A pertinent observation to note is that our school has already commenced foundation course for IIT/NEET from Class VI onwards. Specially trained teachers will teach the students simultaneously for ICSE and IIT/NEET. The syllabi have been integrated for the students who have opted for IIT/NEET foundation course.

Dr Dasarathan International School adheres strictly to the prescribed syllabus for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination which is conducted by the Council for ISC Examinations, New Delhi. It is an integrated syllabus for Classes IX and X and our students appear for the Board Examination after completing their Class X.

The following subjects are offered for external examination:

Group I:


  1. English (Language I and Literature II) 2. A Second Language (Hindi/Tamil) 3. History, Civics and Geography

Group II:


  1. Mathematics
  2. Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

Group III:


  1. Physical Education/Computer Applications

Students will have to undertake Socially Useful productive Work (SUPW) which is an essential component of the ICSE programme.

Dr Dasarathan International School prepares the students who will appear for the Indian School Certificate Examination in Class XII, at the end of two years of Senior Secondary Course. Qualified students will become eligible to enter collegiate education according to their choice of subjects taken.

We are proud to announce that our school has highly qualified teachers who are conducting NEET and JEE classes along with ISC classes for students of Classes XI and XII who have decided to choose either Medicine or Engineering Course, after graduating from ISC and successfully attempting to pass NEET/JEE with high credits.

We will train the students of Arts Group in CLAT/CPET/CA National Level Entrance Examinations since the school gives equal importance to all professional courses.

The following subjects are offered currently:


  1. English I and II (Language and Literature)


  1. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology
  2. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and computer Science
  3. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science
  4. Economics, Commerce, Accountancy and Mathematics
  5. Economics, Commerce, Accountancy and Computer Science

Our coaching is intensive and result-oriented as far as Classes X and XII are concerned.

With commitment and dedication our school marches on, without compromising on quality.

We shall inspire our students to explore and excel.

The academic cycle from KG to Class XII is a bold and dynamic venture which we have been carrying out successfully. The future beckons us with great confidence and optimism and sharpens our desire to strive and seek for the best and never to succumb to mediocrity.

We are committed to serve our nation’s children through high quality educational input, thus empowering them to contribute towards a just and pluralistic society, promoting introspective living by creating exciting learning opportunities with a commitment to excellence.