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What We Do

About Dasarathan International School

Dr.Dasarathan International School was established in June 2010 by Sri Govindasamy Naidu Educational Trust to provide quality and holistic education. The school is nestled amongst the backdrop of picturesque hills, ideally located midway between Jangamanaickenpalayam, Thoppampatty Pirivu (15 km from Coimbatore & 25 km from Mettupalayam) a modern and one of the fast developing areas in Coimbatore’s urban-rural belt.

It commands all the facilities and amenities for necessary top class education anywhere in the world. The climate of Coimbatore benefits from its altitude and is pleasant for most parts of the year.

Our school is co-educational, has a rich diverse community and a student teacher ratio (1:8). The essential spirit of Dr. Dasarathan International School is to provide a supportive atmosphere which challenges students to excel.

Educating the Mind without educating the heart is no education at all.